Monday, November 24, 2014

The Cloonan Kiva Club 

                               Thank you all the students who helped out for the Cloonan food drive! The Cloonan Kiva Club loaded more than 650 cans and food onto the food drive truck! This year was a great year for the food drive. As we think of how Mr. Claps had to tragically leave Cloonan Middle School, we are still continuing with the Trap The Claps project. Instead of trapping Mr. Claps, We are now planning on trapping Mr. Serifino! The project will go on. Also, some of the members of the club had the chance to experience the new 3D printer in the room. Over all the Kiva Club had a huge success in this weeks meeting. To sum it all up, the Kiva Club Loaded more than 650 cans into the food drive truck, went on with the Trap the Claps project, and finally discovered a 3D printer. Therefore, the Kiva Club had a great week.

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